With the final decision of the General Assembly which was held in 1969 the Chamber of Electrical-Mechanical Engineers was established. Later on, as a result of the establishment of another separate chamber by the Mechanical Engineers, Chamber of Electrical Engineers was ratified as a separate body in the General Assembly which was held in 7th March, 1971.

Chamber of Electrical Engineers is a body of a profession with its own legal personality. It is connected to the Union of the Chambers of Cyprus Turkish Engineers and Architects which was established in 3th December, 1960. Under its single roof the Chamber of Electrical Engineers hosts professionals who are entitled to carry out their crafts and professions within the borders of TRNC by holding the titles of Electrical Engineering, Electronic Engineering, Communication Engineering and Biomedical Engineering. The chamber is continuing its facilities under the rule of 21/2005 and with the 5th July 2005 rule of Union of the Chambers of Cyprus Turkish Engineers and Architects.
The members of the chamber are the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (TRNC) citizens who are graduated from the related departments of the universities determined by the decision board of the Union of the Chambers of Cyprus Turkish Engineers and Architects. In order to carry out a profession as an Electrical Engineer within the borders of TRNC the graduates should be registered within the chamber and should annually certify their identification papers for the continuation of their membership.

Aims and Activities

  • The chamber checks the professional activities of its members and endorses the projects in accordance with the related rules.
  • In order to be an Electrical Contractor in TRNC it is obligatory to successfully pass the exam arranged by the Union of the Chambers of Cyprus Turkish Engineers and Architects and Chamber of Electrical Engineers and thus to hold a licence of authorization. In relation to that the chamber provides necessary courses and exams.
  • The chamber arranges pre-authorization (appropriateness) papers for imported electrical materials, electrical devices, home and hand appliances to ensure the quality, secure usage and commitment in related standards.
  • Laboratory Facilities: Our laboratory is used for the purpose of Practical Exams in times of pre-authorization paper services and Contractor Licence of Authorization exams.
  • Trainings and Seminars: In-Service Training Committee which has been established under the roof of our chamber is regularly providing necessary training seminars and courses.
  • Social and Technical Trips: Our chamber organizes various social events (picnics, balls, cocktails, bowling, trekking) and technical trips both within the TRNC and abroad. Social events provide the chance for our members and their families to meet in a friendly environment. With the technical trips the main aim is to support our educative programmes. They also provide our members the chance to make direct observations about the related applications in their original places.

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